Illuminate the Message —
Strategies to Send Your Message Effectively

Joanne Gray, Author

What do business executives, politicians, life partners and teenagers have in common? They all want to be heard. In fact, this is what we all want. However, we may never be heard if we do not form and deliver our messages effectively.

Portrait of Joanne Gray.

Background To Joanne's Book:

Communicators stumble into many traps. They react verbally without taking time to consider what they aim to accomplish with their words. They say one thing but their actions suggest something else. In many interactions, people don't bother to verify if the recipient of their messages has understood them accurately. Joanne Gray's book, Illuminate the Message addresses these and many other problems which affect communicators. Her book also presents the recommended process for successful face-to-face communication.

Most communication skills books deal with the receiving side of communication. The few which approach this topic from the sender's perspective only cover specific techniques and messages. While Illuminate the Message includes techniques, it also goes far beyond, emphasizing many other fundamentals. Joanne's book is unique because it simplifies the complex task of delivering key messages and presents powerful techniques in easy-to-comprehend steps.

This book is relevant to all communicators, whether novice or expert. Joanne gets to the root of individuals or group communication problems, in a step-by-step and goals-oriented manner. As communication is fundamental to all relationships, Illuminate the Message appeals to anyone involved in challenging interpersonal or business relationships.

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