About Joanne Gray
A Professional Ready To Serve Your Needs

In today's high-demand business world, you can benefit from a masterful communication practitioner. Joanne Gray possesses the qualifications and experience to deliver outstanding results for her clients.

Portrait of Joanne Gray.

Biographical Summary

Joanne Gray's educational and professional background is a blend of human relations and business. She holds an undergraduate Social Work degree paired with a Master of Business Administration.

Joanne Gray has accumulated over 15 years of experience as a leader in organizations, in both the private and public sectors.

Joanne Gray is a trained and seasoned mediator.

• Since 1985, Joanne Gray has served as a part-time faculty member in the Administrative Studies Department of Canada's third largest university, York University, in Toronto.

Joanne Gray has extensive experience working with staff, boards, committees, government agencies, non-profits, businesses and diverse community groups.

Joanne Gray is an entrepreneur. As well, she is the author of the book Illuminate the Message - Strategies to Send Your Message Effectively.

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