We deliver professional services in dispute resolution and mediation, skills training, group facilitation and conflict coaching.

Portrait of Joanne Gray.

Dispute Resolution and Mediation

You can expect that conflict will occur in day-to-day business life and in social interactions. Disagreements are a normal outcome of any process that involves individuals or groups of people. When properly managed, the process can be highly productive and rewarding for all involved parties.

Joanne Gray + Associates can help you resolve conflict, respectfully and satisfactorily. Our approach is appropriate for any type of interpersonal conflict, large or small, such as commercial matters and family business dealings as well as issues involving inter-departmental teams or workgroups.

Skills Training

Communication, decision-making and conflict resolution skills are essential at any organizational level, and can be enhanced through training. Joanne Gray + Associates provides training and skills development for leaders and employees, tailored to match the needs of the organization.

In the majority of our client engagements, we utilize workshop formats with custom-crafted content. The learning outcomes in these workshops are targeted to improve communication across the organization and to increase business productivity. Workshop topics include communication, conflict resolution, and decision making.

Group Facilitation

Joanne Gray + Associates offers group facilitation for communication challenges in the workplace. Our unbiased facilitation can save your organization time and money as our team assists you with important meetings, events and group activities.

Conflict Coaching

Joanne Gray + Associates coaches leaders and employees who wish to learn how to better succeed. Our coaching programs assist individuals in developing insights into their own behavior and provide tools to manage future exchanges with enhanced outcomes.

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